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Encore Forwarding, Inc. (EFI) is an international logistics provider committed to superior customer service.

EFI is a privately held USA Company founded in 1985. As a provider of supply chain logistics solutions, EFI’s core competencies are in transportation, brokerage, logistics management and information technology. We look to streamline processes, improve information integration, and provide supply and demand solutions that result in profitability for our customers.

With a domestic and international network of high performance agents, EFI offers a full range of logistics and IT services.

What sets EFI apart from other companies is our commitment to service and innovative ideas. We take the time to LISTEN, ACT, and to EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS in achieving the mutual goal of end customer satisfaction.

With businesses operating in a much more complex, multifaceted supply chain, retailers are impacted by a whole new set of factors. We recognize the importance of a resilient supply chain and the key role of the freight forwarder/logistics provider.

We look for the opportunity to be a part of your transportation team.